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Kraken Customer Service Phone Number | +1-801-872-9572

When we talk about cryptocurrency exchanges that offer Ethereum and Bitcoin trading options for the people, Kraken is one of the names that come to mind. It helps in influencing the margin trading in the best way. There is a dark pool of the private security exchanges where the investors and the large financial joints would be able to trade without any difficulties in the best way. With the help of the Kraken Support options, the traders can get all the information that they need to have about this cryptocurrency exchange.

The Kraken Cryptocurrency exchange is actually available worldwide and it is available mostly in the USA. One of the main benefits of this exchange is the fame that it has. It is known to be amongst the top 3 names of the important Bitcoin Exchanges. There is a pretty diverse pairing range of different trading pairs which is another one of the benefits. Just like some of the other top cryptocurrency exchanges, there is a proper liquidity present in this currency. You can dial the Kraken phone number for more details on the exchange.

In case you are interested in opening a proper Kraken Account, there is no doubt that it is pretty similar to the opening of an account on some other platforms. Their signups will definitely not be anonymous. In case you are looking forward to opening a basic trading account, there are some personal basic questions you have to answer. For opening an advanced exchange account, there are some extensive papers and documents that you have to provide. Dial-up the Kraken customer support number for more details.

Kraken Common Features

  • Liquidity: Low fees for fast funding process and the Bitcoin Dark Pool
  • Reliability: Service available for 24 hours a day and for a whole year. In case there is a customer experiencing some issues, dialing the Kraken support phone number would be enough.
  • Security: It uses some cold storage that is encrypted to keep the funds of the users protected.
  • Bitcoin Margin Trading: One of the main benefits of leveraged trading and that too up to 5x is found here with shorting available as well
  • Advanced Order: Stop-loss orders along automated trading are both available.
  • Proof of the reserves audits: Not every single exchange is audited here. Kraken has evolved the entire industry for the amazing cryptographically verified auditing.
  • Mobile Apps: There are some apps provided for android and iOS.
  • Two Factor Authentication: It provides two-factor authentication as well as PGPGPG encryption.


Kraken Customer Support to Have An Account

In case there are some users who want to open up the advanced account, there are some specific jurisdictions that are required around the whole world. For those trading, the large volume will have to comply with these rules as well. There are some more details that you can know about in by dialing the Kraken support number.

Kraken Support Number +1-801-872-9572


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