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How to Recover Forgot Wallet Identifier in Blockchain? | cryptocurrencyhelp

Quite similar to Paytm Wallet, Rapido Wallet, Amazon Pay, and many more wallets, blockchain also provides a wallet, called Blockchain Wallet, to send and receive cryptocurrencies. The first wallet, i.e. Bitcoin Wallet was released in January 2012. Blockchain wallets are used to transfer funds in the form of cryptocurrencies while trading.

To use a blockchain wallet, one would need to create an account there. After successfully creating an account, you will be assigned with a wallet identifier called Wallet ID.

A wallet ID is a unique identifier, like username, assigned to a wallet account which is used in combination with the password to log in to the account. So, forgetting any of them means you will no longer be able to access your wallet.

Blockchain wallets are also known as ‘hybrid’ wallets which means, the company keeps the encrypted version of your wallet’s private key and doesn’t store the password. So, in case you have lost your password or wallet ID, the company cannot retrieve them for you. But, if you have noted down the 12-digit wallet recovery phrase, your funds can be recovered.

If you are facing issues related to your wallet account, we would suggest you contact to the Blockchain Support Number for further guidance.

However, there are a few tricks which can help you retrieve the wallet ID. Let’s check them out-

How to Find Your Blockchain Wallet ID?

Having a problem accessing the wallet account?? Well, we can take help from the 3 self-served tools, provided by the company if ever forget your wallet ID or password, which are shown in the image below-

Blockchain Wallet Login Help

#1. Remind Me

While creating an account on blockchain wallet, it lets you link the account with an email address in order to keep you intimated, by sending immediate notifications regarding any changes.

We can easily retrieve the lost wallet ID if we have the linked email address with you. Here is the simple procedure to retrieve the wallet identifier-

  • Surf into the email account and look out for the message having the subject line as “Welcome to My Wallet”.
  • If you have found this very message then you will also find the wallet ID there.
  • If you haven’t received any such message, then you will have to go through the following procedure-
  • Open any browser and visit link
  • In the lower-right corner of the login form, click on ‘View Options’.
  • You will be redirected to the Login Help page.
  • Here, check out the very first option available on this page as “I’ve lost my Wallet ID”.
  • Now, click on the very first “Remind Me” option.
  • Enter the verified email address, linked with your wallet account, fill up the “Captcha” and submit the form.

Blockchain Wallet Remind Me

  • If everything goes fine, the wallet ID will be sent to you on the email address within a couple of minutes.

Well, you are done here. Let’s move to the second option-

#2. Recover Your Funds

In case you have forgotten the email address as well then, take a moment to memorize all the possible email-addresses that might have linked with the wallet account. Nonetheless, if you haven’t succeeded then you cannot retrieve the wallet ID but there is an option to recover your funds i.e. with the help of the 12-digit recovery phrase.

The 12-digit phrase will generate a copy of the original wallet, which will have a new wallet ID. This process is also known as the ‘Wallet Backup Process’.

In order to recover your funds, you will have to verify the 12-digit phrase. In the future, if you forget your password again then, with the help of this recovery phrase, you can easily access your funds and recover them. You need to make sure to secure the phrase so that no one else can have access to your money.

Blockchain Recover Funds

  • Firstly, you need to choose the very second option from the Login Help page as the ‘Recover Funds’.
  • Once you verify the phrase, click on the “Continue” tab as shown in the above image.
  • Proceed further and click on the “Backup Funds” button.

As per the Company’s words-

“This fund recovery process is not applicable to the Imported Address balances. We strongly recommend using the ‘Transfer All’ option, if you have any spendable funds stored in any imported address. This action will move all your funds from that imported address to those generated within your wallet.”

#3. Reset 2FA

2FA means Two Factor Authentication is the process of adding an extra layer of protection to your wallet account which lets you receive instant messages via SMS, Google Authenticator or Yubikey. This is the third and last option on the Login Help page, as we discussed above.

Blockchain 2FA Device

You can request for 2FA option, if-

  • You aren’t able to access your verified e-mail address.
  • Your device has broken or stopped functioning.
  • You have lost your device.
  • You are facing delays or delivery issues.

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