My Cryptocurrency Help is a premier instant cryptocurrency exchange that is practically the best option for the people these days. We have an aim to ensure that the user’s funds are always placing in the amazing service for sure. With the help of My Cryptocurrency Exchange, there is an intermediate between users and the amazing crypto exchanges in the best way. Our mission is to ensure that the process of exchanging is pretty effortless and amazing for the people.

With access to countless of the cryptocurrencies, we are certainly one of the leading names in the world of cryptocurrency. My cryptocurrency Exchange offers secure information, intuitive interface, and some favorite rates of exchange as well. Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about the fees for sure.

With a customizable payment widget and a user-friendly UPI, there is no doubt that this crypto service is going to be one of the best ones.

What Do We Do

At our company, there is a wide range of services provided such as:

Empowering The Investors
It doesn’t really matter whether you are a beginner or a pro in the world of cryptocurrency trading. We will provide you with the ultimate power to get the right financial course for sure. Our amazing exchange has been growing with cryptocurrencies. Hence, you can invest your money and get the right results.

Supporting The Institutions
From account management to trading cryptocurrencies, you can do anything right here. We have the right and premier solution for cryptocurrency trading that we offer to the institutions for sure. We provide competitive pricing and amazing liquidity to the traders.

We Are A Trusted Cryptocurrency Platform
We have some reasons why you need to choose us

Secure Storage
We have very secure storage which can be used for digital assets. Not to mention that there is offline storage for security as well.

Insurance Protection
The cryptocurrencies which are stored in the servers that we have are always covered with the insurance policy.

Industry Best Practices
There are a lot of digital currencies that My Cryptocurrency Exchange support.
Choose the services of us and we will guarantee you with the results.


How do I contact Blockchain support?

If you have a question or any issue related to Blockchain wallet, we encourage you to contact our Blockchain customer service number. Else you can submit a ticket to the Blockchain support team to find solution.

Does Coinbase have a customer service number?

Whatever your doubts are – Coinbase card fees, updates regarding the Coinbase services, making the account more secure or even Coinbase has freeze your account, you can always look up to toll free Coinbase customer service number which is +1-801-872-9572.

How to reset Binance 2FA?

A 2 FA is a two-factor authentication to protect your account with two factors or locks. If you have lost access to the app or it has stopped working, resting the Binance 2FA is an apt solution. You can either contact Binance customer service number i.e. +1-801-872-9572 or follow these steps without a delay:

  • Visit Binance login page and log in to your Binance account.
  • When asked for valid Google 2FA code, reset the process by clicking [Can’t Access Goggle Authenticator].
  • Read on-screen reminder and tick the boxes to proceed and then click [Confirm Your Reset Request].
  • You would need to pass the identification verification like facial verification.
  • Click on [PC Authentication] and the click [Confirm] after selecting [I have completed on my phone].

How to enable google authenticator on Binance?

Follow these steps to setting up Google authentication to enable google authenticator on Binance.

  • Navigate to the account dashboard & select [Security].
  • In the “Security” section click on [2-factor Authentication].
  • Click on [Enable] next to Google Authentication Label to enable the process.

How does a crypto wallet works?

A crypto wallet is equivalent to a physical wallet. The wallet actually contains your private keys which allow you to spend the coins allocated to it in the Blockchain. The wallet shows the total balance of all coins (all coins have their separate wallets) it controls. It allows you to transact specific amount like a physical ones.

A cryptographic signature is a mathematical mechanism that allows someone to prove ownership. In case of a Bitcoin wallet, when a Bitcoin software signs in a transaction with appropriate private key or seed, the whole network checks whether the signature matches the bitcoins being spent.

Signature also prevents the transaction from being altered by anyone once it is been issues. The transaction usually begin to be confirmed within 10-20 minutes, through the process of mining. The transactions are packed in a block that fits strict cryptographic rules. These rules prevent previous block from being modified.

It’s also a competitive way to prevent adding new blocks consecutively to the Blockchain.

Does Coinbase have a phone number?

Yes! Any query related to buying & selling digital currency, verification, making account more secure, & more Coinbase support team is always there to help. And to reach them you can have Coinbase customer service number, i.e. +1-801-872-9572.

How long does it take Gemini to verify?

However, there is no specific timeline for the verification but, the Gemini Bitcoin customer service team works hard to quickly verify. When submitting all the requested document accurately, the verification process can take up to 2-5 business working days.

How does MyCryptoCurrencyHelp supports with exchanges and wallets?

MyCryptoCurrencyHelp is a platform that is meant to assist Crypto currency users with exchanging digital currency, buying & selling coins, and even exchange of fiat money into crypto. The users who want to use any crypto currency would need wallet. MyCryptoCurrencyHelp supports with wallet account creation to the transaction process. You can call the MyCryptoCurrencyHelp customer phone number +1-801-872-9572.

How to contact Jaxx customer service?

For any query related to wallets initializing, change or lost devices, forgot password, difference in the balance or any other error, you can simply contact to the Jaxx customer support number +1-801-872-9572.

I want to delete my HitBTC account. How to delete HitBTC account?

If you are not interested in keeping your HitBTC account, you should stop using the account. The account can be deactivated through HitBTC support email. For your notice: the account shall have the traces of transaction and before deactivating it, make sure you have no remaining balances. The process may take a little time so you have to be patient.

I have paid the seller but I have not received my Bitcoins yet. Is this normal

There are chances that the transaction gets delayed. So, if you have sent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and didn’t receive Bitcoins, then you need to check the receiving address of the block explorer. His will ensure whether the funds have been broadcasted to the network and sent to the correct address.

What are the type of crypto currency exchanges?

Similar to stock exchange, crypto exchange offers a platform where by you can buy and sell crypto currency assets and exchange digital tokens. The exchange takes place in forms such as: Local fiat to crypto currency transactions and crypto currency to crypto currency transactions. Thus the types of crypto currency exchange are –

  • Centralized exchanges (CEX)
  • Decentralized exchanges (DEX)
  • Hybrids.

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